Armor Deluxe Pocket Hole Jig

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Armor Deluxe Pocket Hole Jig


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The Armor Tool Auto-Jig is changing the landscape of pocket hole joinery and the way you make pocket holes in your shop. Our self-adjusting clamping system will set your drill guide setting and drill bit collar based off of the thickness of the piece you’re clamping. No more manual setting, measuring, or adjusting the holding clamp to suit the workpiece thickness.

The Auto-Adjust clamp allows you to clamp varying thicknesses without readjusting. Simply put your work piece into the patented Armor Auto-Adjusting Clamp and the Auto-Jig will do the rest. The color coded screw system with our Color-Coat technology makes it easy to match the screw size and head to the thickness and depth of the pocket hole, while the color coating itself offers anti-corrosive protection to your workpiece.

The Auto-Jig was made with the wood worker in mind. All features are self contained in this system: self-adjusting drill guide block, self-adjusting drill bit and collar, auto-adjusting clamp, and dust collection port. The jig is set to the perfect height to allow standard 2×4’s as extension wings and it can easily be affixed to any surface for a more permanent work station.

Lear More About The Armor Tool Color-Coat Screw System

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Auto-Jig System Features:

(1) Self-Adjusting Drill Guide Block With Screw Size Guide
(1) Self-Adjusting Drill Bit
(1) #2 Square Driver Bit
(1) Auto-Adjust Clamp
(1) Collar
(1) Allen Wrench
(1) Dust Collection Port
(350) Assorted Screws
User Guide

Package Includes: The Complete Auto-Jig Set and 350 Assorted Screws Set (Screws 1″ Fine 100 each , Screws 1 1/4″ Coarse 100 each , Screws 1 1/2″ Coarse 100 each , Screws 2″ Coarse 50 each