Carter “Ratchet Rod” Quick Adjust Replacement Bandsaw Tension System

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Carter “Ratchet Rod” Quick Adjust Replacement Bandsaw Tension System


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This Carter Ratchet Rod replacement tension system fits many 14″ bandsaws including Delta, King, General, Stallion, Busy Bee, Ridged, Jet and others with a similar conventional tensioning system design. Up until now most tension assemblies featured a simple small knob attached to a threaded rod for tensioning and de-tensioning your bandsaw. Functional, but not easy or accurate. The Carter AccuRight Ratchet-Rod changes all that.

This Ratchet-Rod Kit replaces the original threaded rod and nut of the bandsaw with an ACME-threaded rod and nut, for easy rotation, and includes a contoured ratcheting knob for quick and comfortable rotation. Inside the knob is a ratchet mechanism with a tiny flip lever that reverses the drive direction just like a socket wrench. Once the rod and nut are installed, tightening or loosening your blade is quick and easy.

Even more ingenious, you can pop off the knob and snap on a 3/8” drive torque wrench to check your blade tension
right off the torque wrench, which gives you repeatable blade tension results every time.