CMT Dovetail Router Bits


CMT Dovetail Router Bits


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Over the years, CMT in Italy has been making massive investments in the most advanced technology in CNC machining equipment and in innovative software to manufacture some of the best woodworking cutting tools in the world.

The beautifully crafted dovetail joint is a classic that appeals to both professionals and novices alike. Admired for its attractiveness in box and exposed joint projects, the dovetail is remarkably strong and functional. CMT 818 series dovetail bits are available in many different sizes so you can stretch your creativity to the limit. They are designed to fit many popular jigs including Leigh, Incra, and Porter Cable systems. Check the shank size and overall length of the bit before placing an order to be sure you get the size you need – CMT makes bits specifically to fit on jigs and routers that require a longer shank length.

*Note: Pre-cut your dovetails with a straight bit to reduce bit breakage. Use a diameter slightly less than the small diameter at the neck of the dovetail bit. This will also improve chip removal and safety. Search under dovetail above for our dovetail sets

*Safety tips: if a dovetail bit jams while working, adjust the position of the bit in the collet and make sure the cutting depth is correct. Do not lift the router out of the template.

  • 818.096.11 – 3/8D X 3/8L X 9DEG X 1/4 SHANK X 2 1/16” OAL – USE ON INCRA JIG
  • 818.128.11 – 1/2D X 1/2L X 14DEG X 1/4 SHANK X 2 1/16” OAL – USE ON INCRA JIG
  • 818.130.11 – 1/2D X 1/2L X 14DEG X 1/4 SHANK X 2 7/16” OAL – USE ON LIEGH JIG
  • 818.628.11 – 1/2D X 1/2L X 14DEG X 1/2 SHANK X 2 ½” OAL – USE ON INCRA JIG
  • 818.635.11 – 17/32D X 3/4L X 7DEG X 1/2 SHANK X 2 27/64” – USE ON PORTER CABLE JIG #4212
  • 818.691.11 – 3/4D X 3/4L X 14DEG X 1/2 SHANKX 3 1/16” OAL
  • 818.113.11B – 7/16D X 3/4L X 7DEG X 1/4 SHANK – WITH SHANK MOUNTED BEARING
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818.691.11, 818.635.11, 818.628.11, 818.130.11, 818.128.11, 818.113.11B, 818.096.11