DustFX 5HP Hepa Auto-Clean Cyclone Dust Collector

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  • CWI-DC850H-M1-1
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  • CWI-DC850H-M1-3

DustFX 5HP Hepa Auto-Clean Cyclone Dust Collector


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Supplier: CWI Woodworking Technologies
The DustFX WorkShop series of air cleaning equipment is designed for use by woodworkers who truly care about the environment they work in.

When you browse through the available DustFX machinery and accessories you will find benefits like balance machined aluminum impellers, high performance “Hepa” filtration, easy portability, cyclonic air movement and other features that make DustFX superior to any other brand of portable dust collection. DustFX is “your lungs friend”.

The CWI-DC850H is a 3600 cfm stationary cyclone dust collector with automatic cleaning of the canister filter. When the user turns the machine off a motor mounted to the canister cleaning mechanism will automatically rotate for 30 seconds forwards and another 30 seconds in reverse to clean the canister filter.

The DC850H has a 5 HP/34 amp 220 volt motor with a magnetic safety start switch and remote start/stop control. A cyclone dust collector is designed differently than standard single stage dust collectors in that the cyclone does not allow the dust particles to travel through the impeller. On single stage collectors the impeller draws the dust through it and then pushes the dust through to the filters. A two stage (cyclone) dust collector pulls the dust into the cyclone area of the machine and forces the dust downwards straight into the metal dust storage drum. Only the very very fine particles of dust can travel into the impeller and then through to the filtration. Because almost 100% of the dust never actually gets to the filtration area the filters stay very clean for much longer periods of time. With a single stage collector the dust not only fills up the cavity of filtration it also quickly dirties the filters causing a reduction in the flow of air until emptied and cleaned. The cyclone dust collector (two stage) remains very efficient with virtually no disruption of air flow.

In addition to the efficiency of the cyclone process the CWI-DC850H also features a very high performance “Hepa” manual clean canister dust filter. Advanced performance Hepa filtration will filter out 99.6% of dust particles .3 to .5 micron and 100% of all dust particles 1 micron and larger. Attached to the Hepa canister filter is a small plastic bag to collect the very fine dust particles that do make their way to the filtration compartment. This bag will get emptied very seldom while the metal dust drum attached to the cyclone area is a breeze for dumping regularly.

The metal dust drum is attached to the cyclone by two clamps that securely seal the drum to the cyclone. The 62 gallon drum is on four multi-directional casters for easy movement around the shop. Inside the drum is a plastic dust bag which can be reused or disposed of when full. A unique metal frame is placed inside the bag to stop it from being sucked up into the machine till the bag starts to fill with dust. For dumping simply release the two lever clamps and roll out the drum, pull out the bag frame and then dump the bag of dust into your receptacle. There is a 10” dust inlet with an adaptor to four 4” dust inlets included with the machine. Sound level is only 80db at 10 feet from the machine.

DustFX not only talks about their quality and advanced performance they also back it up with a five year home use warranty and two year commercial warranty period.


  • Spin Balanced Impeller Shielded from Dust and Debris
  • Metal Quick Release Portable Dust Drum
  • Dust Capacity of 62 Gallons
  • Hepa Automatic Clean Canister Filter
  • Filters 99.6% of .3 micron and 100% of 1 Micron and larger
  • Filter Surface Area = 8.40 sq meters
  • Reusable Plastic Lower Collection Bag on Canister
  • Heavy Structural Steel Frame
  • 3600 CFM
  • Sound Level @10’ is 80db
  • 16” Water Lift
  • Four 4” Dust Inlets or one 10” diameter Inlet
  • TEFC Industrial Duty Cycle 5 HP Motor
  • 34 Amp 220/1/60
  • CSA Electrics with Magnetic Safety Switch
  • Remote Control for Start/Stop
  • Automatic Cleaning of Canister Filter for 30 seconds in each Direction
  • Floor Space 1600mm x 1180mm x 2580mm stands 8.5 feet high assembled
  • Shipping Dimensions 800mm x 900mm x 1520mm
  • Filter Shipping Dimensions 1300mm x 550mm x 550mm
  • 455 Pounds Shipping Weight

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