Pfeil 8 PCS Large Size Palm Chisel Set

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Pfeil 8 PCS Large Size Palm Chisel Set


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The Pfeil “Swiss Made” tools are created using only the best quality steel and are one of the few tool companies who supply their knives and chisels finely ground, fully polished and ready for use. Many competitive brands tools cannot be used properly until the tool first gets sharpened and polished by the user. Swiss Made carving tools are undoubtedly one of the finest carving tool brands currently on the market. They are second to none in terms of manufacturing quality and durability. Their superior quality make them a favorite of the professionals and hobbyists alike providing years of enjoyment and precision.

The Pfeil hardwood handled “B” Series heavy duty Palm Carving Tools fit the palm of your hand so your fingers can guide and control the action of the razor sharp blade. Half round handles make long, low cuts easier and prevent the tools from rolling off your workbench. Pfeil makes palm tools in two sizes and many different shapes. While the sizes of the hardwood handles are similar in size the steel on the “B” series chisels are larger in structure, not length, but for more aggressive work like full sized chisels. The “L” series of fine detail Palm Tools by Pfeil use a thinner steel shank for more delicate work.

This 8 Piece “B” Series Palm Set comes with a wooden storage rack and includes the following eight tools: 12mm No.2 gouge, 12mm No.4 gouge,12mm No.7 bent gouge, 10mm No.8 gouge, 7mm No.9 gouge,7mm No.11 gouge, 6mm No.15 V parting and 10mm No.25 back bent gouge.

Contents Include Pfeil Chisel Numbers: B 2/12, B 4/12, B 7L/12, B 8/10, B 9/7, B 11/7, B 15/6, B 25/10


  • Pfeil Tools use an identification number or letter first…then a digit to denote the profile or sweep… then the final digit is the width of cutting-edge, measured side to side in mm.
  • All Pfeil tools are sharpened and honed, ready to use.
  • Chrome vanadium steel, special alloy made to Pfeil specifications, combines outstanding elasticity with unsurpassed edge-holding properties.
  • Forged in Switzerland
  • Tools are hardened and tempered to HRC 59-61, depending on purpose of tool.
  • The inside sweeps are very finely ground and polished. Al steel surfaces are smooth and matte polished.
  • Full bolster and square tang for optimal stability. Internal steel ferrule under bolster prevents handle from splitting.
  • Hardwood handles from ecologically managed Swiss forests.
  • Wooden handles are finished with solvent-free vegetable oil.
  • Unique manufacturing process guarantees consistent tool shaping and quality.
  • Quality-control inspection at every stage of manufacturing process.
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    Dimensions 34 × 15 × 5 in