Professor 48″ CNC Safety Enclosure and Stand Kit

  • Optional Professor CNC Safety Enclosure Kit for 48" CNC Routers
  • Optional Professor CNC Enclosure Kit for 48″ CNC Routers
  • Optional Professor CNC Safety Enclosure Kit for 48" CNC Routers
  • Optional Professor CNC Enclosure Kit for 48″ CNC Routers

Professor 48″ CNC Safety Enclosure and Stand Kit


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The Professor CNC Cabinet Enclosure and stand is the ultimate safety solution for CNC operation in educational settings.

Safe Operation

Ideal for use in educational settings, the Professor CNC Safety Enclosure and stand provide a complete safety environment in the classroom or workshop, for the operation of Professor bench top CNC routers. Unparalleled in North America, the Professor CNC Enclosures include many premium features to not only provide a safe operating environment, but also to offer complete access to the workings of the machines for maintenance and loading/unloading parts. When the power of the CNC is activated, not only does the interior of the enclosure completely illuminate for excellent vision of the CNC operations, the exterior also illuminates with four yellow safety light bars which inform anyone close by that the power of the machine is on. In addition to the enclosure lighting, the Professor stand will light up the floor with yellow safety under glow lighting when the operator starts up the router spindle to run a CNC cutting program.

The enclosure features three large heavy-duty hydraulic supported access doors to allow full access to the CNC router inside when it is not in use. Each door is equipped with electronic safety micro switches that will not allow the CNC router to operate a cutting program if a door is opened. The roof of the enclosure is completely open to allow proper dust collection to the CNC router from overhead.

Convenient Storage Solutions

The Professor heavy duty stand built to hold our cast iron Professor routers as well as house the Safety Enclosure, features large convenient storage drawers, storage spaces to house the CNC’s electronics cabinet as well as other accessories like vacuum pumps, and fourth axis attachments as well as tooling, projects etc. This extremely well-designed stand also includes mobility casters that allow for easy repositioning around the classroom or workshop.

Professor Safety Enclosures are available in two sizes, with footprints of 42” x 84” to house the Professor M Series, V Series and Q series in 24” wide models and a 72” x 84” foot print to house the V Series and Q Series 48” wide CNC models.

This incredible combination of the Professor heavy duty stand and enclosure provides a fully functional, safe environment for the use of CNC routers in education or any other environment that requires safety and convenience.


  • Model#: CWI-CNC4848ST-KT
  • Fits All Professor 48″ Wide CNC
  • Full Enclosure for Safe CNC Router Operation
  • Three Gull Wing Doors with Safety Micro Switching
  • Does not allow CNC Router to Run Cutting Program if Doors Open
  • Hydraulic Support Arms
  • Open Top to allow ”IN MOTION” Dust Collection
  • Interior & Exterior “POWER ON” Safety Illumination
  • Under Glow Safety “In USE” Lighting
  • Convenient Large Storage Drawers (3 or 6 depending on model)
  • Heavy Duty Mobility Lockable Casters
  • Footprint 72” x 84” x 79” Tall

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