Feather Pro DUAL-STACK Featherboard Kit

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    The new Featherpro "Dual-Stack" feather board is the same technology as the single Featherpro except double stacked for holding larger workpieces or verticle work. The Featherpro is a completely new innovation of an old idea for woodworking machinery safety. The innovation is the design and material the fingers (feathers) are made of.
    Because of the unique design and material this feather board uses your cuts are smoother on the infeed and the outfeed with incredible kickback protection. Once you pass your workpiece between the Featherpro and your fence it becomes almost impossible to pull the workpiece back out. You'll also dramatically reduce chatter and end up with a better cut which is what all woodworkers strive for.

    If you accidentally hit your blade with this feather board it won't shatter or explode in your face. This not only increases your safety but it also helps protect your equipment's longevity. You can apply lots of pressure or a little pressure depending on what you're doing EVEN WHEN working with soft woods!

    You don't need a left and a right feather board. The FeatherPro is reversible by simply flipping it over and reversing hardware. You can also use it in the vertical position, not just horizontal.