CMT High Precision Carbide Dado Set

  • CMT High Precision Carbide Dado Set
  • CMT High Precision Carbide Dado Set

CMT High Precision Carbide Dado Set


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CMT’s Precision Dado Set is designed to set a new standard in performance for amazingly clean flat bottom dado’s. Ideal for any cabinet shop, this dado features: anti-kickback teeth on both outside cutters and inside cutters to reduce the possibility of overfeeding, splinter free cuts in veneer plywood, melamine and in hard or soft woods. This dado set goes above and beyond your typical dado set by including two 24 tooth shear cut outside cutters for clean sliced cuts and 6 inside four-tooth chippers (Most dado sets use two teeth per chipper) that keep the cut flat & virtually free from tear out. There are four 1/8″ kerf chippers, one 3/32” chipper and one 1/16″ chipper for a total cutting capacity of 29/32″ so the user can make the perfect cut to match imperial or metric sized sheet goods. Also included is a 10 piece shim sets for perfect alignment in any width of cut required”. The negative hook angle of the cutters also allows for a less aggressive and smoother cut. Delivered in Sturdy reusable carrying case.

This set is available in both standard 5/8″ bore as well as 30 MM bore for Euro design Panel Saws

*Not for use on SawStop Table Saws as the blades are too heavy for the safety feature of SawStop saws.*

  • 230.524.08 – 8″ x 5/8″ Bore
  • 230.524.30MM – 8″ x 30 MM Bore
  • Makes dado cuts between 6,35mm (1/4″) and 23mm (29/32″).
  • anti-kickback design to reduce the possibility of overfeeding;
  • perfect cuts in veneer plywood, melamine and hard and soft woods;
  • 6 inside chippers (4- 1/8”, 1- 1/16”, 1- 3/32”)
  • 4 carbide teeth on each inside chipper for extra smooth cut
  • 24 sheer cut teeth on each outside blade for perfect clean flat bottom dado’s in any material including melamine and veneer
  • 10 piece shim sets included
  • Carry Case also included
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8" x 30 MM Bore, 8" x 5/8" Bore