ROI “EU” Series Pre-Milling 3mm Edgebander


ROI “EU” Series Pre-Milling 3mm Edgebander


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The Roi EU series of edgebanders are truly the most advanced small shop machines available today with features, performance and technology that has proven to be a machine users will love to own and use.

CWI Woodworking Technologies is proud to offer our extremely high quality EU series of Edgebanders, manufactured by Roi in our factory in Spain with the latest in technologies available today. The Roi EU series of machines are available in 3mm, 5mm and 8mm edging capacities and offer options like pre-milling, glue scraping, edge scraping, corner rounding, nesting tracers, spray lubricants and PUR glue capabilities.

The Roi CWI-EB300EU-XP Edgebander is a 3mm edge tape capacity machine which offers extreme performance and excellent value but also includes very advanced features that are usually found on larger and more expensive machines. The EB300EU-XP is the same machine as the EB300EU except we have added a pre-milling Station. The small footprint of this machine, at 3065mm (121”) in length with the tape support table installed, allows the machine to fit in the smallest of workshops. This means that shops which are limited on space do not have to sacrifice the quality of machine to fit into their space and can produce edge results that they can be proud of when presenting to their customers.

The Roi EB300EU-XP comes standard with Dual high frequency motor pre-milling station with diamond tooling as standard equipment, touch screen controls with self-diagnostics, top/bottom trimming, saw blade end trimming, high frequency motors, glue scraping and buffing. It is the ideal machine for a small shop looking to build very high quality finished product in kitchen cabinet or millwork production. Options for this machine in different configurations are edge scraping, corner rounding and PUR glue options.

The control panel of the machine is a 5.6” colour touch screen OMRON NB series user friendly control with direct connection to the PLC, providing quick access and monitoring of all machine functions like start/stop, program editing, parameters check & editing, alarms visualization, PLC I/O diagnostics, all in real time. This LCD screen with LED backlighting also offers multi-language support and 128 Mb of memory for storage of screen data and job programs. The Synchronization of all working units is controlled by an encoder system. Pneumatic tubing is oversized to allow for adequate air to the units as they require to perform functions continually and perfectly synchronized in a production environment.

The Pre-milling station uses two independent high frequency motors which power two milling cutterheads. The cutterheads have a diameter of 60mm and a height of 30mm (opt. 55mm) and use diamond toothed insert tooling cutters. The pressure of the pre-milling station is pneumatically controlled and guarantees not only a perfectly straight, square and chip free working surface, but also allows for a considerably better glue penetration into the freshly milled panel assuring a higher quality bond and glue line.

The structure of the Roi Edgebander is built with a ridged centre beam, which is made of precision machined steel for mounting all the various working groups. This robust construction prevents the transfer of vibration from the high frequency motors to the workpiece. The steel pressure beam of the machine is equipped with a dual row of rubber wheels, which hold the panel firmly to the production duty 75mm wide drive chain below it, ensuring a solid grip for perfect tape application and machining.

The removable gluepot features dual temperature probes, so the glue temperature is not only consistent in the pot itself, but at the glue roller as well where it meets the panel for maximum adhesion efficiency. The edging material is pressed onto the panel by a power driven cylindrical steel pressure roller, followed by a second, smaller diameter free running conical roller to ensure solid contact of the material to the top and bottom edges of the panel.

Front and rear end trimming is carried out by dual 100mm diameter sawblades on a high frequency motor trim station which is supported on a prismatic guideway. The end trimming station follows the panel by means of reference pads on this guideway to ensure soft, precise trimming of the front and rear edges. Top and bottom trimming is carried out by two independent high frequency driven trimming units. These units are equipped with horizontal and vertical tracers for precise referencing of the panel edge to be trimmed. Large diameter rollers are used for the tracing station to minimize damage and allow for the use of high gloss and 3D effect panels and edges.

A glue scraping station follows the trimming station which is designed to remove any remaining glue residue as well as perfectly match any remaining edging to the top and bottom edges of the panel. The glue scraping station uses floating knives to follow the panel edge perfectly and is equipped with dual air blowing nozzles to ensure that scraping station tracers are kept clean to ensure accuracy.

Finally, the material passes through the buffing station, which consists of two independent units with tilting motors and hard cotton buffing wheels. The buffing station is designed to remove any remaining glue residue, restore the colours of the PVC/ABS edging and polish the edge finish after the trimming and scraping operations.

The machines mechanical, electrical and electronic parts are covered by a 12 month warranty and is fully certified for use in Canada to CSA standards.

Machine Configuration:

  • Power requirements: 3 phase 220v 60Hz (Optional Single Phase 220 Volt Available)
  • Edgebanding material: Melamine, PVC, Polyester, Wood, Formica
  • Pre-Milling unit with Diamond Tooling
  • Dual Pressure Rollers
  • Chain Drive Feed System with Dual Row Rubber Rollers on Steel Pressure Beam
  • 5.6” LED Omron Touch Screen Control Panel with Self Diagnostics
  • Dual High frequency Motor Top/Bottom Trimming
  • High frequency Motor Dual Saw Blade End Trimming
  • Glue Scraping with Floating Knives
  • Buffing Station
  • Working speed: 7 m/min
  • Thickness of the edging material: 0.4-3mm (3mm up to 30mm of panel height)
  • Thickness of the panel: 8-50mm
  • Minimum panel length: 120mm
  • Minimum panel width: 75mm
  • Compressed air connection: 6-7 BAR (90-100psi)
  • Total power installed: 9.8 Kw/31.8 amp
  • Dimensions installed incl. support table(LxWxH): 3065mm x 878mm x 1373mm (121”x34.5”x54”)
  • Machine net weight: 668 Kg (1473 Lb)
  • Dimensions in shipping crate (LxWxH): 3120mm x 800mm x 1520mm (123”x31.5”x60”)
  • Machine shipping weight: 725 Kg (1598 Lb)Options:
  • Single phase power
  • Duo-Melt Gluepot for use of EVA and PUR glues
  • 55mm Height instead of 30mm on Pre-Milling cutters
  • Corner Rounding unit
  • Nesting tracers on trimming and scraping units to allow work with hinge holes, dado’s, rabbets
  • Radius scraping instead of glue scraping
  • Buffing unit instead of glue scraping
  • Spraying units for glue release/polishing liquids

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