Stinger High Performance Bandsaw Blade

  • Stinger Steel Bandsaw Blades
  • Stinger Steel Bandsaw Blades

Stinger High Performance Bandsaw Blade


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Supplier: CWI Woodworking Technologies
Stinger bandsaw blades are well proven for excellent performance, smoothness of cut and life expectancy.

Made in the USA the Stinger hard edge flexback bandsaw blades are the ultimate choice for woodworkers looking for a durable smooth cutting bandsaw blade. Excellent for many applications including curve cutting and resaw work the Stinger blades are available in sizes from 3/16” to 1” width and a number of different tooth configurations. The 3/16” x 4 tooth blade works extremely well for scroll work or very tight radiuses in thicker woods. For very thin woods a 10 tooth blade would be best. The ¼”, 3/8” and ½” blades in .025” thickness are extremely popular and we suggest having each size available for your bandsaw to meet the many different cut demands users will require. The ¼” blade is great for most curve cutting, the 3/8” is a little stronger blade for larger curve cutting and the ½” blade is an excellent choice for straight cutting and resaw work. For most Bandsaws with .75 HP to 1.75 HP the 1/2” with 3 tooth blade is by far the best choice for resaw work. For larger machines with large wheels and high power a ¾” or 1” blade in .032” thickness with 2 or 3 tooth for large resaw work may be best. We also offer Stinger Variable Pitch Carbide Tooth blades for these applications.

Blades can be ordered in custom sizes and widths even if not listed on our website. Make sure that your machine can accept the larger width blades before ordering. For smaller 3 wheel machines in 10” to 16” width capacity sizes the standard Stinger .025” thickness blades will not function well as the curvature of the wheels are too small and over short time will cause the steel to crack and break. For these small machines special order .020″ or ”016” blades will be required. For two wheel 9” and 10” Bandsaws the .025” thick blades are fine as the wheels are actually much larger than on the old three wheel machines.


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